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Hwapeng attending the TMS 2018 147th Annual Meeting




Hwapeng attending the TMS 2018 147th Annual Meeting


We participated the TMS 2018 147th Annual Meeting & Exhibition as well as TMS 2019 148th ANNUAL MEETING & EXHIBITION.

Shandong Hwapeng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., a National High-Tech Enterprise (No.: GR201437000404), set national standards for paste kneading cooler and carbon paste kneader (standard number: YB/T 4467-2014, YB/T 4468-2014), passed ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification (Certificate No: 01017Q10166R6M), and ISO14001 International Environmental Management System Certification (Certificate No: 01017E10081ROM), GB/T20081 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification (Certificate No: 01017S10069ROM), GB/T29490 Intellectual Property Management System Certification (Certificate No.: 165IP170139R0S). The company respectively obtained national invention patent authorizations respectively in June 2011, September 2011, December 2013, April 2014, January 2018 and May 2018, and it possesses 11 national patents including 6 invention patents, and another 6 invention patents are under application at present.

Shandong Hwapeng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., wholly funded and established by Shandong Hwapeng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. in November 2012, carries out R&D, manufacturing and sales of large-scale metallurgical equipment. It’s put into production in 2018, and the annual production capacity and sales revenue are expected to be triple of Yantai Hwapeng Machinery Co., Ltd.


Established in 1994, HWAPENG is a Professional manufacturer of Carbon Paste Preparing & Forming Machines. Holding 17 national Patents, 2 China’s national industry Standards of kneader & cooler, 90% Market Share in China, We also provide Anode Vibrocompactor & Graphite Electrode Extruder & other equipment in Carbon Plants & EPC.