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HP-EVC Series Extrusion Vibrocompactor

HP-EVC Series Extrusion Vibrocompactor

Product Description

Outstanding forming performance of high anode density and no inner crack because of excellent hydraulic system, making the most reliable anode with wonderful smelter performance.

HP-EVC Series Extrusion Vibrocompactor

Technical Parameters

  • Capacity: 12-18 blocks/hour
  • Specifications: less than 1900*1010*≤700 (mm)
  • Vibration force: 0-600 KN  0-800 KN
  • Balance weight: 15T
  • Volume of constant temperature tank: 8m³
  • Volume of measuring silo: 1.5 m³

Major Components

1 Paste conveying system

2 Constant-temperature cooling system

3 Weighing and feeding system

4 Mold system

5 Vibration forming system

6 Constant pressure pressing system

7 Lifting and guiding system

8 Auxiliary frame system

9 Water cooling and conveying system

10 Vacuum system

11 Hydraulic control system

12 Electrical control system


1. Four-Column Frame Load Bearing Guiding

The guide mechanism of extrusion press is applied to HP-EVC series anode vibrocompactor with simple structure and easy maintenance. Balance weight and top mold have precise positioning to minimize height difference at four corners of anode.

2. Vacuum Technology

Vacuum technology is mature and the required vacuum degree can be achieved within 2s; Fume collection is favorable to environmental protection; Internal and external cracks in carbon blocks are reduced; Bulk density of anode is increased

3. Spacer Fluid Spraying Technology Is Lubricating-Well And Cost Saving

Spacer fluid rather than waste lubrication oil is sprayed on mold, 70% cost is saved, degree of atomization is high, spacer fluid is sprayed evenly and sufficiently without material stick.

4. Double-Speed Constant Pressure Pressing Technology

Double-speed constant pressure pressing technology is applied; Press head is lifted away From carbon blocks slowly, so that carbon blocks rebound slowly to avoid internal cracks. Anode blocks have minor damage and less internal crack.

5. National Patented Mold

The mold fits anode block perfectly with high strength and fast temperature rising, automatic chamfer opening and closing, and anode block has no flash at the edge.

6. Moderate Block Pushing Technology

In order to avoid the deformation or damage of hot carbon blocks caused by violent impact, the hydraulic cylinder of block pushing mechanism adopts fast-slow-fast pushing pattern, which reduces deformation of hot carbon blocks.

7. Accurate Height Measuring Technology

Accurate carbon block height measuring technology guiding the adjusting of production parameters, encoder imported abroad is used to detect online carbon block height, accurate data can be stored and printed.

8. Advanced Hydraulic System With High Precision.

Optimized hydraulic transmission and control systems designed by professional team composed of technical experts of hydraulic control, electrical control and mechanical structure.

9. Electrical Automation And Factory Informatization

Automation and informatization solutions based on years of rich experience are realized. Rittal style stainless steel control cabin is applied. Control system is from ABB or SIEMENS, low voltage appliance from Schneider, and frequency converters adopt ABB or other global famous brands.

Four control modes are respectively suitable for production or maintenance. Manual control and automatic control realize seamlessly handover.

Host computer remote control is applied to realize fault diagnosis, data recording and report printing.